During the renovation process, we remove and replace the existing sealants with new construction sealants. At Technical Waterproofing, we only use high performance sealants that ensure that it is weather tight and is capable of handling movement.

Exterior Facade: Proactively preventing water leaks and the resulting damage from affecting your premises and saving money by creating an energy efficient environment.

Horizontal Caulking: Repairing cracks in concrete on roadways, side walks, parking lots and parking garages.

Interior Caulking: Filling cracks and gaps between windows, trim and walls on the inside of a building to prevent a draft and creates an energy efficient environment.

Security Caulking: Damage and tamper resistant, works well against vandalism and for places such as prisons and banks that require reliability.


We waterproof cracks and leaks by injecting either a chemical grout or epoxy, which prevents future damage.

Positive Side: The most effective way to waterproof your structure. After the location has been excavated, we apply a waterproof membrane to the crack.

Negative Side: When cost is a factor, the crack or leak is patched from the inside of the building.

Deck Coating:  We install vehicular and pedestrian grade waterproof deck coatings.

Elastomeric Wall Covering: Waterproof coatings that have the ability to expand cracks in a substrate and provide a water-tight finish.


We add a passive fire protection to the building to ensure that it is able to withstand a fire. The protection is used to seal around openings and between joints in a fire-resistance-rated wall or floor assembly.

Top of Wall: Sealing the top-of-wall and bottom-of-wall is important for both firestop purposes and architectural design needs. A proper solution seals and helps protects the joint from fire and smoke passage.

Slab Edge: Curtain wall fire stopping and insulation provides a critical line of defense in fire protection by sealing the void area between a fire-rated floor and non-rated exterior wall.

Penetrations: A penetration in firestopping is an opening in a wall or floor assembly required to have a fire-resistance rating for the purpose of accommodating the passage of a mechanical, electrical or structural penetrant.

Masonry Repair

We know that even the strongest material doesn’t last forever, that is why masonry repair, upkeep and replacement is important to keep a building standing.

Tuck Pointing/Repointing Brick & Mortar: Carefully cut out mortar and keep the bricks in place.

Building Cleaning: There are three levels of cleaning that we offer, depending on your building’s needs.

  1. Pressure washing with steam
  2. Bio cleaner, light duty restoration
  3. Heavy duty chemicals (sensitive)

Penetrating Sealers: We use the sealers on porous materials such as brick, pre-cast concrete or GFRB.

Brick Repair: The installation of new brick lintel repairs and structural reinforcing.

Expansion Joint

Being in the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to be prepared for weather and earthquakes. Expansion joints safely absorb the temperature-induced expansion and contraction of construction materials, it will hold parts together or allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes. 

Mechanical/Seismic Expansion Joint Systems: We use expansion joint systems which are parking and stadium-deck style approved. With this advanced technology, you can rest assured that it can withstand seismic activity, is water tight and fire protected.

Pre-Compressed Foam Joints: EMSEAL technology ensures the continuity of seal against water, fire, heat, cold and air movement. It is also capable of resisting hurricane and tornado events, handling immersion, and sealing seismic joint openings.

Concrete Restoration

We help repair old, damaged concrete back to its original appearance, giving the illusion of new concrete without the expensive cost.

Spall Repair (Chipped Concrete): When repairing concrete we follow the guidelines set forth by the International Concrete Repair Institute (IRCI). 

Chemical Grout Injection: This is used to seal actively leaking cracks and voids in concrete.

Epoxy Grout Injection: We use this grout in structural concrete repairs such as parking deck structures, post tension decks.

Water Repellent

This is an easy and affordable solution to protecting new and already constructed walls. It helps to protect walls from water intrusion, atmospheric and biological staining and graffiti.

Clear Sealers: We use products that absorb into the pores of bricks and cement that ensure durability and performance. 

Graffiti Resistance: Protects masonry surfaces from repeated graffiti attacks without altering the natural appearance.